About Us

Associated Tank Constructors, Inc. was established in late 2016 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated Construction and Engineering, Inc.

Our core strategic and diversified construction infrastructure has been focused on storage tank construction and storage tank repairs utilizing Union Labor, as required per our customers and industries we serve.

We are a financially sound and bondable organization that values each of our employees, customers, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers alike.

We have the needed Safety Culture and Processes, Quality Management Systems (QMS), and Expertise to achieve our customers’ requirements and specifications.

Associated Tank Constructors, Inc. is head quartered in Laguna Hills, CA while having multiple equipment warehousing, manufacturing and plate processing facilities located in Southern & Central California.

Senior Management

Dennis Kreuger

ATC President

Bryan Wombles

ATC Vice President/Secretary

A graduate of San Diego State having 12+ years related operational experience in estimating and project management of storage tank projects

Jeff Potts, Raul Tamayo

ATC Project Managers

Lawrence G. Wombles

31 years tank experience in both water and petroleum.   Larry has over 12 years field experience and the remainder in engineering, sales, marketing, and safety.

Key Field Supervision & Craft

Supervision – ATC has a growing base of New Tank & Repair Supervisors that each have over 23 years of related field experience.  They also have the needed safe work ethics, customer service skills, and track records for success.  Each of our supervisors bring the required experience and understanding of all design and operational functions of storage tanks from API 650, AWWA and TES Tanks.  They also bring required construction experience and techniques for steel floating roofs, aluminum floating roofs & domes, API 653 repairs and maintenance, and environmental seals.

Field Crews & Staff – ATC employs and retains best in class Union Boilermaker Journeyman that have a cohesive team work focus.  Our crews are part of the National Transient Division (NTD), which provides the ability to keep core supervision and crews together as a team in all geographic areas we serve.