Construction Capabilities

In-House Design, Engineering & Drafting

Shop Fabrication Facilities & Services

Plate Processing

Shop & Field Blasting, Linings and Coatings

Civil Construction

  • Tank Foundations
  • Tank Ring Walls
  • Tank Dike Walls

New Tank Construction – API 650, AWWA, TES, Stainless Steel  

  • Capabilities of 20’ to 300’ diameters
  • Open Top External & Internal Floating Roof Tanks
  • Cone Roofs, Dome Roofs & Umbrella Roof Tanks
  • Bolted Tanks
  • Aluminum Geodesic Domes – API 650 Appendix G
  • Aluminum Floating Roofs – API 650 Appendix H

Tank Repair & Maintenance

  • Maintenance and Repair programs
  • Tank Bottom Replacements
  • Bottom Repairs
  • Shell Nozzles and Retrofits
  • Floating Roof Repairs
  • Roof Drain
  • Foam Systems

Floating Roof Seal Work – In/Out of Service

  • Regulatory inspection and reporting
  • Installation of new seals
  • Repair of seals and floating roof appurtenances
  • Repairs can be made during inspections to eliminate downtime

Industries Served:


Products Terminals


Upstream Drilling


Biofuels & Ethanol

Water & Waste Water

Mining & Minerals

Pulp & Paper

Food & Beverage

Cryogenic & Thermal

Turnkey Ability

Associated Tank Constructors, Inc. (ATC) offers complete turn-key packages which include grading, excavating, structural concrete, masonry, pipeline, asphalt, paving, fencing, electrical, and landscaping. ATC also offers turn-key services for tank inspection, repair, and seismic upgrades. ATC follows all AWWA M42 and API 653 standards, and is one of the leading tank repair experts in the industry.

We also provide:

  • Site Development
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Dry Inspection / Consultation / Risk Assessment
  • Wet Dive Inspection & Condition Assessment
  • Failure Analysis
  • Shop Abrasive Blasting & Coatings
  • Field Abrasive Blasting & Coatings


API Tanks
AWWA Tanks
Stainless Steel Tanks
Thermal Energy Tanks (TES)